Daffodil on a Hill


Yellow daffodil lonesome on its hill
Yet still each morning has the strength of will
To tilt a smile towards another solo friend
For camaraderie is but a moment’s hardship to lend
To a sun that dances with its arms around the air
Always joyful and heedless of the stares
Of those caustic lonesomes in twos or threes
Clutched to each other as if so desperately
Fighting to lose their own beautiful singularities.


Ice People

Blue Ice

An embrace would meld us
Thaw us and bind us
Rough edges would melt and seam together
Forever, we would be unable
To be apart
Forever, we would be unable
To find sole solace
So our frail hearts
Love with caution
So we, who shake
Love in fear

The Lost Princess

An empty rhythm
In the castle in the sky
A waltz echoes through deserted halls
The foundation crumbles stone by stone
She who was the princess
Dances alone
Rapunzel-length tresses threaded silver
Sweep over deep indigo and turquoise tiles
No prince comes for her
Neither courtiers nor friends
The music is mummified in her mournful tread

A Unique Existence

I have made friends with silence
And that state of being which requires no effort
The inhale and exhale, a more natural meditation
Than in classes where yogic enlightenment
Is another excuse to avoid
Divisibility by 1