“Are we still on tonight?”
Is really a way of wishing
the other party would say no
so you won’t have to break

But it hurts deeper when you let
the other party dangle until
the last moment
and cut them off

Know they’ll never extend
another invitation to someone
who can’t speak the truth
and wastes the time and emotion
of a person who let you in


Ice People

Blue Ice

An embrace would meld us
Thaw us and bind us
Rough edges would melt and seam together
Forever, we would be unable
To be apart
Forever, we would be unable
To find sole solace
So our frail hearts
Love with caution
So we, who shake
Love in fear


I bottle up scents
The  first night after
The  first fight and tears
First “I love you”s and “I hate you”s
The first fissures and poorly-made welds

I pickle parts
Of that living, breathing thing between us
Always on life-support
Time runs out


In the silent waiting time
One must trust of good intentions
And greet the guest with courtesy and respect

In between the lines of unsaid things
It does great harm to project insecurities
And lay foundation to an anger that is not there

Be truthful and give explanation to yourself
Even if none is given to you
But understand that all words hold the curse of Babel