Recovering from Estrangement


Broken bridges
can be mended
as long as we exist
but only if both ends
stubbornly persist.



Why can’t I speak the truth?
Why can’t I unburden my heart?

You find it childish perhaps
but it leaks out from you all the time
in those passive-aggressive remarks

in the way you isolate yourself

and talk to everyone through
a thick see-through wall

I was sick alone
but with you
the case is terminal

Damsel in Distress

At night you reveal your tender part
of lips for words too delicate for light

And soft you touch with gentle hands
as if to prevent
a sparrow from flight

Do you think me a child
to be kept always
in our safe cocoon?

Do you find me only room
in the secret places
for treasure hoards —
the stowaway
you hide onboard?

Don’t fear for me, beloved,
and I am strong by your side.

Let me fight the good fight with you;
We have nothing to hide.

Your Shadow

Man lying on pavement

Too long I’ve been
kowtowing to you
begging pardon for
the ways I don’t suit your mood
meet your expectations
or wear the right sort of panache.

Now you tell me I’ll never get up
and my eyes sting because
my knees creak, arthritic
when I try to stand.

I grunt and roll over
the asphalt a hot
of anger

First things first:
You’re blocking my sun.

Get the fuck out.