Starry night sky

The stars of memory
always seem brighter
than those of tonight’s sky

And the ones of tomorrow
promise the overwhelming
of gigantic suns

But both of them are
and personal



Mid-August, I wake with my bones aching from cold that has seeped in from the open windows. Outside, the sun runs silver over white poultry trucks. Ambling tourists sway with their backpacks on one shoulder.

shoulders bared silver
weak for the height of summer
wintry sunshine

Not one leaf has turned, but already I dread the fall, knowing winter is not far behind. Another flashback. Another year’s end to sum up and find wanting.

Outlooks of Depression


If I could discern
the gears of fate and time
perhaps I could see
a happier future
than the crystal ball of thought,
cloudy and smoke-filled,
frightens me with.

But sad knowing, perhaps
will cement
a sadder reality.

How strange that ignorance breeds
fear of knowledge
and uncertainty
fear of stability.

Daddy’s Girl

Like the veil of a bride
Tender falls the night
Around your sleeping head.
The moon as your attendant
Watches with shy pride
While leaves tap on the window —
Harbingers of future courtiers.