Ice People

Blue Ice

An embrace would meld us
Thaw us and bind us
Rough edges would melt and seam together
Forever, we would be unable
To be apart
Forever, we would be unable
To find sole solace
So our frail hearts
Love with caution
So we, who shake
Love in fear


True Love’s Kiss

If you are not mine
Then do not be his
Or I shall tear asunder
That chain which binds you.
He who speaks
In forked tongue
Honeyed entrapment
Foul and black —
If only I could have
Awakened you
To truth.
Alas, in lieu
Of an impotent kiss
There is only:

Baring the Soul

Self-evisceration by telling the horrible truths
Of oneself, hoping the listening party
Will understand that the hurtful actions
Do not come out of malice or indulgent pity
Euphoric to let go, outgrow the chains
But at the same time, hollowed out
Punctured into Swiss cheese
Circular tears in the aftermath

Wood Thrush

The voices that fade away
And the smiles that turn into looks of derision
For affection to be met by anger
And goodwill viewed with suspicion
When I am tired of humanity
When I am tired of being human
I listen to the wood thrush’s song
Who sings so beautifully, even alone


Living passionately, crying and screaming
I thought was the strangest inner journey
But to live with a scab upon the hurts and learn
To smile that pleasant smile which nothing can touch
A mirage like the wind and ungraspable
The caring has fallen away
And the heart grown transparent
To both the barbs of sorrow and joy
I long to be genuine in trust
I long for you to trust and be genuine

Silent Treatment

I have been knocking on your door
From winter into spring
Through sickness and health
Over the pain of loss and the slow recovery
From those little tragedies that life throws our way
I have been knocking on your door
But I can’t stand here any longer
So I’ll leave a note in my place
And hope to hear your knuckled rasp
Knocking on my door