Damsel in Distress

At night you reveal your tender part
of lips for words too delicate for light

And soft you touch with gentle hands
as if to prevent
a sparrow from flight

Do you think me a child
to be kept always
in our safe cocoon?

Do you find me only room
in the secret places
for treasure hoards —
the stowaway
you hide onboard?

Don’t fear for me, beloved,
and I am strong by your side.

Let me fight the good fight with you;
We have nothing to hide.


I am a (Moderate) Feminist

I hate that the word “feminist”
has been co-opted by “feminazi.”

I hate that if I say I am a feminist,
people assume I think women are better.

Because being a feminist must mean:
a. I’m not a humanist
b. I hate women who are home-makers
c. I go around looking for trouble and am oversensitive

I live my quiet life but if I go on a date, I go dutch;
I know I don’t owe him anything,
but I don’t want him to think I do.