Damsel in Distress

At night you reveal your tender part
of lips for words too delicate for light

And soft you touch with gentle hands
as if to prevent
a sparrow from flight

Do you think me a child
to be kept always
in our safe cocoon?

Do you find me only room
in the secret places
for treasure hoards —
the stowaway
you hide onboard?

Don’t fear for me, beloved,
and I am strong by your side.

Let me fight the good fight with you;
We have nothing to hide.



On a wintry night, I lay my hand against your cheek
And told you a fairy tale my grandfather once read to me.
In that forgotten memory, he sparks to life once again.
A bittersweet joy rouses in my heart,
Makes rich the honey of my words,
Provokes the desire to hold you carefully in comfort;
To adore you as he simply once adored me —
That giving reserved only for children,
And although we no longer laugh so freely
I press my palm to yours
And in the silence know, our heart lines have met
And embraced each other.