Love & Hate

Roiling emotions clash and weave,
Maneuvering to deceive
To their patron in terms entire,
The whereabouts of their dam and sire;
Wedded likes halves of day and night,
The wellspring of passionate plight,
Love and hate dance in equal measure —
Richest treasure and aggressive cancer.


Dear beloved,
you purse your lips
and angrily avoid
comfort’s kiss

Dear beloved,
your haughty stare
creates greater longing
for weather fair

To soothe your ire
I’ll dance and sing
proclaim myself fool
if you’d let laughter ring

I’ll use my charms and all beguile
so honestly come and stay a while

Tell me the thorns that prick your heart
so gingerly, I can pry apart
the darkness curtaining a smile of sun —
dearly loved and harder won.