Leaf litter

A winter frost stills
an ever changing pattern
of autumn’s fallen leaves


Two Old-Timers

a stately tree forsook
the youthful whimsies that shook
it strongly
in the autumn wind

and lived a hundred years
and more, by the shore
of the river where it was planted

until a gale came
that finally made it bend
into an embrace of water:

there they were content to spend
(two wizened, conspiring friends)
the rest of winter

By the Roots

Upon the fallow field
Against the farmer’s reason
An insistent blade of grass
Shooting out of season

“What folly, what stupidity,”
Said the farmer with his hoe
And promptly dug a hole
Where the blade did grow

And through that winter, it remained
A dark stain unwashed by rain
Never covered by a gentle snow
Never graced by the sun’s sweet glow

An empty hole where a blade did grow

And in the spring, that farmer found
And reaped what he had sowed;
A whole field, spot and all,
Insistent, fallow

Time Elapse

A collaborative poem between me and Syl65! Syl was one of the first poets I met here on WordPress and his love poems are particularly tender and never fail to impress. Please visit his site to explore more of his work!

Mayan Calendar

The days are flying by
And my calendar can’t keep up
Just got the sunscreen ready
Now there’s a sale on winter coats

Halloween costumes are shaking
Spidery webs and monster claws
But the leaves are still green
And I feel freshly thawed

I think I’m hearing turkeys
Gobble, gobble, gobble
Christmas decorations up already
My mind is starting to wobble

Champagne at year’s end
Although I’m still in summer
Should I be like a child sighing?
“Oh, what a bummer!”

Fly by days
Lead into fly by nights
Did the Mayan calender really end?
Or is there no end in sight?

So many thoughts
A-whirling in my head
Time to stop thinking of time
And simply go to bed.