Tree in Fog

Misty tree

Leafless hands
Against winter sky
Reach for sun




Two eyes watch upon the branch
And small talons cling as a wind sways the tree
A black-bearded specimen of avian fauna
Wonders as I pace in spiraling circles
Spitting freshly chewed grass:
An indecipherable human mating dance

Birds Before Winter

Winter wrens forecast a season of snow
Maples shed their leaves as a lady does
Peeling off her layers of petticoats
On the lake, mallards drift aimlessly
Blue jays and cardinals flit eagerly;
Peanuts rattle in the birdwatcher’s hand


Whenever I feel old
I look at the lights across the water
On that bridge older than I
I think of elms and oaks
And all the children they have sheltered
Playing underneath their scarred boughs
Compared to many things
I am like a comet
A streak of light
Momentarily glimpsed
And smiled upon by that
Eternal eye