Fire In the Sky

Fire in the Sky

From his throne of molten gold
The twilight dragon rouses
To breathe white vapor.
Upon the countenance of conquerors
He gifts great ambition and grand dreams.


Puzzle Pieces

I, who find the sunset beautiful
And you, who love the sunrise
Are two that were an almost perfect fit
Except that jagged edge of noncompliance
Which both intrigues and repels us
From one another


Lying on a bed of leaves
Your discarded crown of daisies
Wilts in the noonday sun
I scatter pieces of it into the stream
Where quicksilver carries them away
To unknown lands and unknown seas
Farther and faster than I could ever fly
Wondering if a memory could possibly reach you

My Favorite Hour

The warmth of three o’clock
Is hot cocoa after the steam melts
Into a white-ghost wisp
Is the sun suspended on her swing, falling
Just below the apex
Is the lingering memory of a kiss
Embraced before it grays
Recalled on the last note —
The splendor of a serenade