Jimmy’s Choir

Singing Children

Jimmy sang
In a fourth grade choir
With acrobats and thieves
And great tall liars:

There was lanky George
With his thick black glasses
Spouting about gravity
Between science classes

Pretty pink Patty
Who was lazy as molasses
Yet somehow during PE
She’d run quickest and fastest!

Sporty Jo Baker
Who tied a two-buns do
And pirouetted in leotards
“Oh, yuck to tutus!”

Fast-mouthed McGee
Who hustled at marbles
A mama’s boy who every morning
Never failed to gargle

Playacting Sally
Who knew Shakespeare by heart
And would regale you
With every dying part

Doe-eyed Pete
Who walked like in a dream
And fibbed such scary stories
“Oh, what a scream!”

Princess Penelope
Who mascaraed her eyes
And bragged of her swimming pool
Twice Olympic-sized

There was best friend Carlos
Who wanted a motorbike
And gelled his green hair
Into Sonic the Hedgehog spikes

And Jimmy was Jimbo
A daring little man
Who sang the loudest off-key
And stole music stands
To see the teacher frown
And huddle friends all together
He’d purposely lose song sheets
Because playtime was better!