Mr. Hyde

Restless sits my soul
While hours wile away
Awaiting the familiar ghoul
That taunts me by the day
He wears my face and pries
The black recesses of my heart
Despite my fearful cries
He laughs, “It’s just the start.” Continue reading “Mr. Hyde”


Why is it with derision that you accuse me
Of seeking out your company in loneliness and boredom
Is it not only right to seek friends in times of aloneness
To elevate each other’s moods through play and fun?
When have you ever felt lonely?
Not for over five years since you met your beau, fiancée, and spouse
You sneer at loneliness like you sneer at your immature self
And have painted over your human flaws with a fine-tipped brush
Choosing to believe the best in yourself
And to deny that belief in others
I will accept you as you are
But I know you will not accept me