[Fiction] Dear Josephine

Dear Josephine,

Today we walked in the woods together, the ax hefted on my shoulder and the gun on yours. It was bright early and the snowfall was fresh, crunching under our boots. Our breaths came out thick and white, mingled together and disappeared up into the sky.


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[Fiction] The Witch

The gray lady glided in a gown of tempered silver, bobbing like a distant traveler’s lantern in the winter hush of a November dusk. Warriors dropped their swords and shed their ineffective amulets to lay down in the battlefield. They found the cold snow as welcoming as soft pillows and slept. From dreams into death they passed, unknowingly and pleased. The great wizards with their spying glasses trembled from high on the ramparts and the king guarded by his castle watched as she strode unhurriedly, cowing his great army as the drawbridge unwound itself and lowered.

[Fiction] Passion

1. Well-founded is my ire against thee and mightily has it grown. The waters of mistrust and betrayal have nursed it heartily and whispered passions into its ears. A suckling babe drew its first breaths to spite you and dreamed early of inchoate vengeance.

2. She of silver hair and dainty feet flew in fury, raking her tresses of fire before the conquering king. She cursed him with the mad patter of her heels, but he, foolish and entranced, brought the dancer to his bed not knowing she was the chieftain’s daughter. There, her passion killed him.

3. Motionless, he stood before her, a hulking form around which darkness amassed. A passing car threw errant light, orange through the window blinds. She shivered, but didn’t dare pull the sheet to cover herself. She felt as if her slightest movement could provoke the passion of a beast.

[Fiction] Black Ship

Black boat

Against bilious winds, the triangular sail of stark ebony rode waves of change. The sandaled people on the beach pointed, ladies whispered behind their long sleeves of silk, and the fishermen who had just finished mooring their boats turned their astonished faces again towards the sea. A messenger from the nearest garrison rode on the fleetest horse to tell the governor all that they feared: Death had come to their shores.

[Fiction] Tahra of Cursed Time

A teenage girl flung herself headlong through the maze of the fishing district. She scrambled over barrels of squid and mackerel. Her heart leapt with her feet and her ears strained to catch the sound of armored footsteps behind her. She jerked, skidding, as advancing Royal Guards bullied and pushed protesting merchants out of their path. Ducking into an alleyway, she crouched behind a pile of discarded crates and peeled off the sash tied to her waist. Its fluttering skirt dropped, revealing twin throwing knives sheathed in her leather belt.

A guard’s voice, threatening and masculine, echoed through the alleyway.

“Did she come in here?”

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NaPoWriMo on WordPress

Today is the last day of National Poetry Writing Month, also known as NaPoWriMo, and I haven’t done anything special! Last year, I created a post for WordPress writers to get to know each other on National Poetry Day, and I thought I’d do the same here.

Writing can be a lonely endeavor but it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you’d like to discover more people to read or have more people read your work, please leave a little introduction and link to your blog.

Let’s end April with a bang!