One-Man Race


Running a marathon against myself
with a few seconds to spare
to wave to passersby

Some, far ahead

Others sidelined
Spectators I once
confessed dreams to

Yet, the person I fear
is the helpless novice
at the start:
a crying voice
echoing faster
with the years


Only Mortal

Alexander and Hephaestion Alexander and Hephaistion, by Andrea Camassei (credit: wikimedia commons)

Alexander conquered
with burnished hair curling
like a great feline’s mane.

He rode
needless of shield
hefting a bloodied sword
in his right hand.

Yet, when Alexander
it was Hephaistion’s shoulder
he leaned upon.

Time and Mortality

The youth knows only summer
And plays and frolics through the golden time
The man knows the fall and winter
And tries to smile as he prepares
The old one knows the seasons will pass
And cycle and pass farther than he can live
The world continues on long after we are gone
The wise mind finds comfort in this
And the child, under the weathered skin
Fears death