Invitation to a Demon

The monster crouches upon the chair
Around him tread? No one dares
This stranger reeks of putrid scent
Discarded peels and riper vents
Eyes flare with malicious light
Struck with each glance, another plight
Milk won’t sweeten his dour mien
Nor holy water rinse him clean
Speak to him and he’ll count you friend
But don’t doubt, he’ll make no amends
Seven years, you’ll dance his frightful tune
Until death take you, far too soon
So heed my words, they are your boon:
Grant him entrance and it’ll be your doom.



Petrified, my heart
Refuses your vain entreaties
Deny the charm of your
Silver-plated words
Which do insinuate
Like cold serpents.
Give me your kiss of sin
So I may spit the poison
Into the well of your being
Which I devour —
A rapacious beast.


Dark hearts dipped in dark ink
Left smoldering, ashy-bitter
In attic corners
Teeth-chatteringly patient
For the pleasured thrust
Of your fanged consumption
Pale before the musky thrill
Of preparing
(For you)
A sumptuous (murderous)

Mr. Hyde

Restless sits my soul
While hours wile away
Awaiting the familiar ghoul
That taunts me by the day
He wears my face and pries
The black recesses of my heart
Despite my fearful cries
He laughs, “It’s just the start.” Continue reading “Mr. Hyde”


A quick word or a moment’s hesitation
On that rare sought visitation
Of past deeds and minor wrongs enacted
Through Time’s mirror so refracted
The gruesome monster and saint, both faces
Dwelling again in recalled joys and distastes
Yoked by the burden of a conscious being
Who sees beyond the mere seeing