A Unique Existence

I have made friends with silence
And that state of being which requires no effort
The inhale and exhale, a more natural meditation
Than in classes where yogic enlightenment
Is another excuse to avoid
Divisibility by 1

Post-Holiday Blues

On a mid-September night
Karaoke drifts from the courtyard
Cantonese ditties and Adele’s Skyfall
The neon pharmacy sign glows
An urban marquee
Grandfathers and grandmothers gather
For an almost impromptu festival
The day before, families sat for mooncake
Today, their absence is more keenly felt



Once, a second sun hung in the sky
But she saw that man was lonely
And so, she tore herself asunder into a million stars.
Shards of light made of the hottest, bluest flame
Fell in great arcs of fullness
As if to say, here is my heart;
Carry me in your pocket and know always
That you are loved

Night-Shift Dad

Father, my father
Was a man of shadows
Who woke in the day when I was away
And who never shared our evening time meals
While I dreamed, he slotted and sorted
While I explored, he was a boulder lying,
A hard form beneath the coverlet.
I never knew him
Until he was old and gray,
Lame and wanting so much
For someone to talk to.


Why is it with derision that you accuse me
Of seeking out your company in loneliness and boredom
Is it not only right to seek friends in times of aloneness
To elevate each other’s moods through play and fun?
When have you ever felt lonely?
Not for over five years since you met your beau, fiancée, and spouse
You sneer at loneliness like you sneer at your immature self
And have painted over your human flaws with a fine-tipped brush
Choosing to believe the best in yourself
And to deny that belief in others
I will accept you as you are
But I know you will not accept me

Searching for Love

The feeling of wanting to be special
Is a childish yearning that does not cease;
To be the first in someone’s thoughts
To have someone be the first in yours
And to value each other’s company above all others
We go from road to road
Searching for that encompassing love


The pleasant mask you wear
And charm that you imbue
To all around of female persuasion
That suave façade both ensnares and frustrates
Your desired targets for the moment

You flit and flaunt and show your feathers
Preened meticulously to iridescent hue
The showy flash that you quickly dart
To another, hoping for a catch

But what is it that you might glean?
This romantic persona which bursts upon touch
Show your vulnerable and lonely heart
To the one you can entrust