How charming is
The posy in your pocket
The curl of auburn
Nestled in your locket
Your smiles at
Yellow daises and daffodils
By the meadow’s little rill
Which will run a hundred days
As long as your laughter plays
And promises
You’ll stay.

Love and Possibility

On the hill, the sky is promised
Over the sea, the horizon of a fantastic land
And in your laughter, eternal joy carouses.
Yet, between the space of our joined hands
Resides the feeling they are merely shades of.

Last Visit

Our voices and our hearth
Must call out to you;
You are the butterfly that dances in our garden
You are the sparrow that perches on the tree
You are the soldier beetle listening on us
Until we catch you and set you free
Who wants to depart in tears?
When one can have laughter and fond remembrance


Childhood and Nostalgia

Over the hills your little feet play
On the vale of peonies you rest your head
The dawning of the day lights fire in your eyes
And the deep velvet of night only gives it luster
Delighting in the cool water flowing through your fingers
You do not lament escape or loss
And share a laughter so freely given
That those who hear you ache
Reminded of who they were, long ago