After the Pioneers

This conversation happened with my sister:
“Don’t you find it boring
to do something
everyone else has done?”

I think it sadder to deny yourself a pleasure
just because someone else has perhaps
imbibed the same absinthe

To scrutinize a footprint on the moon
finding it scornful boasting:
“I was here first!”

When instead, it greets me as a friend
arm embracing over shoulders
lips against my ear confidingly:
“It is possible.”

For are you truly free
when you stand
outside the fence

but never outside
the sight of it?



If your gaze were but a book
Such intricacies would speak a look
And power behind that loving stare
Would whisk me away from tedious care
Of that mundane uninspired everyday
Enticing me to cavort and play
In the idolized light of your grace —
For where you dwell is Eden’s place

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