Sometimes all I can do is throw you things
Sweets and magazines, photos and kisses
I’m not sure what will lift your lethargy
That acceptance of the inevitable
But I want you for a moment to smile
I want you to be reminded that you are loved
And that I think of you
Even if you must think of nothing



The world is too beautiful
To think of loneliness
When the sun shines high
Embracing all of Earth
And the flowers profess scarlet adoration
And the birds beg for scraps
To feed hungry mouths and line their nests
When even the wind is like a child
Musing your hair and racing away
Singing come follow —
There is love beyond the horizon

Everyday, Stars

I am alive
Those are the words of greatest comfort
When there are days ahead
Of quiet days in the sun spent with a good book
The hard cover and musk of pages digging
Like a spade to uproot the feelings of trouble
Which blossom like mushrooms after a rainstorm
Your smiling face and absent-minded foibles
Your ignorant cruelty but small kindnesses
The way you turn my fingers gingerly
Paint over the nails with the coral
Of faraway beaches and turquoise leanings
I look not too long into the future
Which like a winding staircase, poorly lit
Funnels up into a great blackness
But step slowly with the candle in my hand
A tiny illumination towards
What must be, a rooftop of evening stars


During a crisis, I once asked my mother if she were ever happy
And with shaking voice, she replied she had never been
Since she married my father
My heart plummeted
Would I suffer the same fate?
But it must be a lie
These photographs show a woman, young and content
Brimming with joy and love for the children in her arms
How easily we believe
“We will never be happy again”
When we are sad