Bad Female Characters

I grow tired of Cho Cho sans
Old women who sleep with disdainful young men
Hungry for the security of mother’s teat
Young vixens whose ultimate weapon
Are their cunts instead of their cunning
Bastardized parodies of strong women
Weak and meager to the bones
Portrayals that make me mistake them
From the real thing


I am a (Moderate) Feminist

I hate that the word “feminist”
has been co-opted by “feminazi.”

I hate that if I say I am a feminist,
people assume I think women are better.

Because being a feminist must mean:
a. I’m not a humanist
b. I hate women who are home-makers
c. I go around looking for trouble and am oversensitive

I live my quiet life but if I go on a date, I go dutch;
I know I don’t owe him anything,
but I don’t want him to think I do.


O’er the hill he rides his steed
To memory’s eternity
Years past the deed
The children still whisper of his face
The lance, the chariot, the fearsome mace
The mysterious knight
Against the fading light
The dragons slayed
And the grateful maids
Send shivers of pleasure when again told
Those bygone chivalric tales of old
Yet sunset spells a specious cast
It was her, not his name, that should last.