Never Easy

Bottle caps

If positive decisions
were color-coded bright orange
there might still be an unhappy fate
which makes us color-blind




The youthful maiden
toying with the threaded tapestry
of fate with her two sisters
about her, behooved the hero
to take up title and sword.

She said to win himself a place at the table —
the head of the table —
where he could recount the glorious
battle that leads to greatest honor.

“For what is worth the price of life,”
she asked with her palm, cool
against his sunburned cheek,
“If not to be gambled with?”

Fool that he was,
he thought himself in love,
and listened.

Puzzle Pieces

I, who find the sunset beautiful
And you, who love the sunrise
Are two that were an almost perfect fit
Except that jagged edge of noncompliance
Which both intrigues and repels us
From one another


Time runs uniquely to two
In circular or straightforward fashion
Like bright ribbons that stretch into the distance
Perhaps never meeting
Perhaps meeting when one is too newly dyed
Perhaps meeting when one has frayed for quieter spaces
Ah, what meaning is there to think:
If we had only met earlier or later?
The now is all that matters
The now is the miracle or the great sadness