Hands in Chains

If you could sway my heart
you’d gladly chain your own wrists
and with some subtle sleight
swallow the key.

Convincingly, you play harmlessness,
guilt and beguile both,
and shed tears as easily as you once
whispered promises to me.

But you are no captive,
neither to me nor to love.

If I return again to visit your cell,
you would be gone anew;
never once, did you call me home.


True Love’s Kiss

If you are not mine
Then do not be his
Or I shall tear asunder
That chain which binds you.
He who speaks
In forked tongue
Honeyed entrapment
Foul and black —
If only I could have
Awakened you
To truth.
Alas, in lieu
Of an impotent kiss
There is only: