[Non-fiction] Reasons why I am no longer friends with my childhood best friend

Because calling someone a terrible friend, threatening to end your friendship, listing the years-long grudges you held against them but remained silent on for “their” sake, and then saying you don’t believe in them, is somehow supposed to motivate them into being a better, happier person – especially after they sacrificed sleep, traveled through snow, and showed up at your door with a gift. No, they can’t possibly have more pressing problems in life that makes them subdued. They must really want to make you feel uncomfortable. It’s always about you, after all.

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Last Words to a User

I don’t wish you well
because you’ve erased
the memory
of what you’ve done to me
disavowed every hurtful word
action and inaction

And now you want to be told
I still have my nose in the gravel
so you can lord it over
and thank god
you aren’t so pitiful

But I know soon
the loved ones who prop you up
will break under your burden
as I did

So don’t ask me to smile for you
when you never did the same for me