[Review] “He Bled, My End” by Julia Putzke

J asked me for a review. Kudos on your first book! =)

Julia Putzke’s first book of poetry, “He Bled, My End,” is an engaging dialogue about one woman’s journey of Faith. From the sure optimism of childhood to turbulent adolescence and beyond, readers experience love, heartbreak, and renewal. Religious readers will appreciate the heavy incorporation of Christianity as a theme, but the narrator’s passage from insecurity to self-love is a universal one. A surprisingly tender debut.

“He Bled, My End” is available for online purchase at Lulu.

Ms. Putzke’s poetry blog: Crippled at Your Table.
Ms. Putzke has also written collaborative poetry at Red Gladiola.


One-Legged Stool

Chair in Woods

I’m so tired

If I complain
my frustration is met
with hostility

If I am wronged
I must not have been
understanding enough

If I suffer
I must have deserved it

In the end
I just want someone to say:
“I believe in you”
“You’ll overcome it all”
without taking faith away
when they feel like it

Paper Labor


On incarnadine sheets
He paints wishes and hopes
Black-faced characters
That curl and lope
Through a vast landscape
That stretches on and on
He fastens a paper steed to ride upon
For horizons of dreams
Horizons of songs
An artisan labors
Faithful and long