Proud peacock with tail fanned bright
A jeweled iridescence in the light
He struts and calls like a warrior to war
Plumed helmet ready for a clash and soar
Against rival swains and youthful knights
He’ll win his beloved lady with delight
For dreams and hopes keep him tall
And Love gives him courage to gamble all.


Daddy’s Girl

Like the veil of a bride
Tender falls the night
Around your sleeping head.
The moon as your attendant
Watches with shy pride
While leaves tap on the window —
Harbingers of future courtiers.

Perspectives on Building a Home

Watching the birds dart here and there for a bit of tuft or twig, makes me lonesome to find my own home, a place of belonging. How easy it is for animals to court and make a nest. But then again, they have to remake their house every year. They must woo every year. Not even the lesser beasts have it easy.