I still have to do the dishes on my birthday

Another year older
To age and grow bolder
To find acceptance and poise
To embrace quiet and noise
To still work on loving myself
With a little generous help
From writers and readers like you
Thanks, and have a great day, too!

Writer Notes: It’s my party and I’ll cry be schmoopy if I want to. Thanks for making this a great year. =)

Sibling’s Birthday

I love you when you complain about work
And slouch on your seat as if you’ll slide right down
How you rib me for burping up Chinese tonight
And Instagram the cupcakes, the cake, and the chocolate
So gleefully, to make you the envy of all your peers
Even though you accepted my card so nonchalantly
When I peer in the tissue paper
I see it has disappeared
Secreted with all your other treasures