The life of birds

Every spring the birds court their mates
and through the summer raise their young.
In autumn, they fly thousands of miles south.
In winter, the bare-limbed trees reveal the hidden nests
that they built in the spring.

Many lives lived season to season,
while I live only one through the years.


The Nightingale as a Balladeer

There amid the branches, a small bird alights,
deep under the cover of a mild summer night.
When all other swains are abed upon the hour,
the nightingale enchants with beguiling, gentle power.
Though the crickets play swiftly, their mournful violins,
I listen only to his trills and soaring, playful whims;
For he serenades me shyly, like a lover behind a door,
weaving the spell of an eternal, clandestine amor.