Artist’s Haven


Grant me a deckchair
by the salt of the sea,
bare toes warmed on
sun-washed beach,
and a sky the perfect blue
to paint idle daydreams upon.




The artist steals his colors from the palette of nature:
Daisy yellow, cumulus white, sea foam blue, and new leaf green.
Congratulating himself for mixing a gritty mahogany
(tinged with the red of rain-washed clay)
he sneers and deludes himself into man’s great pretension;
That he alone creates the wonders of the world.

Paper Labor


On incarnadine sheets
He paints wishes and hopes
Black-faced characters
That curl and lope
Through a vast landscape
That stretches on and on
He fastens a paper steed to ride upon
For horizons of dreams
Horizons of songs
An artisan labors
Faithful and long