[Fiction] Dear Josephine

Dear Josephine,

Today we walked in the woods together, the ax hefted on my shoulder and the gun on yours. It was bright early and the snowfall was fresh, crunching under our boots. Our breaths came out thick and white, mingled together and disappeared up into the sky.


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Love Language

My ears no longer hear
but I watch your lips shape the words
and your tongue curl deftly

My eyes no longer see
but I feel your fingers shape mine
to share our secret speak

My hands are numb with cold
but your heart beats fiercely
against my bent back

You are heat itself

Your breath exhales the words
against the delicate lobe of my ear

Although they no longer hear
I know them again and again

Dear Goldish

I won you at a street fair
five years ago
a lifetime ago
before illnesses, deaths, and weddings

everyday, I stopped by your tank
fed you your flakes
every week, I changed your water
and you would be happy to see me

today, you passed away

I’m sorry I couldn’t give you more
than a 5 gallon home
which always felt a little too cramped

you were important;
when I felt all alone
I sat by you and spoke:
“We’re both just trying our best to live.”

thank you for being in my life
if you start a new one
I’m sure it’ll be as wonderful as you were