Final Spell

A collaborative poem between me and Morgan from booknvolume written specifically for Halloween. Morgan was another early poet I met here on WordPress and her poetry contains a startling beauty few can capture. The poem below is also posted at her site. Please visit to explore more of Morgan’s offerings!

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Willows Whisper in muted Tones
O’er the graveyard’s Hallow Groans,
While the Pale Moon Silently Sails
The Midnight Hour where Darkness Prevails.

Was that the Stir of Some Ghostly Spectre?
Here Upon this Unkempt Hectare
Do the Wails of Mournful Souls Resound
On this Night when They Roam, Unbound?

Shadows Ripple, Light Shifts and Bends,
Echoing Wails as the Witching Hour Ascends,
Ribbon of Moonlight upon the Darkling Road
Where Underworld Denizens Taunt and Goad.

Scrambling, Groping for a dimly Lit Path,
I Come Again Under a Spiritual Attack
And Cry and Plead for an Exit Most Needed
Before the Foul Ghouls will have Succeeded.

Ebon Night Resounding round
As the Earth moves with rumbling Sound,
Feel the Icy Grip of Mortal Fear
E’en as Glowing Matin draws Near.

With One Last Breath, I Cry to You
To Act with Caution and Beware of Fools
On Halloween, They’ve Caught Me at Last
Against Moonbeams, the Final Spell is Cast!


Asking Ouroboros

A collaborative poem between me and Benjamin from The Breakdown of Taboo. Benjamin was also another early writer I discovered on WordPress. He also posted the poem to his site so please visit for more of his thought-provoking poetry!

Abandoned Warehouse

Regret is like a nightmare:
It grows in the darkness
While suffocating sleep
With its shadowy hands

Its creeping fingers cross
My bed’s threshold
And smothers me
With fatigue and heaviness

Dragging the best parts of me back into the past
But leaving the worst parts of me for the present
Is this feeling a sickness born of my heart?
Or a ghost haunting my memory?

Turning such thoughts in my head
Turning the covers as umbras twist
And I, myself, lost among the thorny bramble
I dare to whisper words aloud:

Always the same words
Always the same answer

Time Elapse

A collaborative poem between me and Syl65! Syl was one of the first poets I met here on WordPress and his love poems are particularly tender and never fail to impress. Please visit his site to explore more of his work!

Mayan Calendar

The days are flying by
And my calendar can’t keep up
Just got the sunscreen ready
Now there’s a sale on winter coats

Halloween costumes are shaking
Spidery webs and monster claws
But the leaves are still green
And I feel freshly thawed

I think I’m hearing turkeys
Gobble, gobble, gobble
Christmas decorations up already
My mind is starting to wobble

Champagne at year’s end
Although I’m still in summer
Should I be like a child sighing?
“Oh, what a bummer!”

Fly by days
Lead into fly by nights
Did the Mayan calender really end?
Or is there no end in sight?

So many thoughts
A-whirling in my head
Time to stop thinking of time
And simply go to bed.


A collaborative poem between me and Crippled at Your Table. J also posted the poem on her site, so please visit and explore more of her thoughtful works!


I cannot cherry-pick
the days I’ve divided
my soul between reason and unknown.

I always step where I am told.

On this well-worn road
I cannot always discern
the next bend or turn through the deep ruts.

Do not ask me where it leads.

I am crying for someone
to come pull me from the middle,
where I stand now.

Voices ahead.
Begging my follow through.

This yellow line is the closest friend,
knowing decision can’t be made
when force cripples my frame.

I plod through
another journey’s day.

Sending my prayers to the sky
the burden lightens
from mere acclimation.

Drifting, I hesitate against the grass
where the trodden path abuts.

Should I follow conformity’s soft
blade down to meet river comfort?

Or venture out to rock’s edge,
risking bruised & skinned knee
to hear I am loved the same
though middle ground became
my stability from the beginning?

I pray my answer comes
in your acceptance twining,
our hands’ strength becoming one.

At Last

Collaborative poem between me and hastywords! This was a first and a pleasure. Check out hastywords’ site for more of her beautiful poetry.



 Written by T Wong and HastyWords

Strangled melodies unfold
Just beyond midnight’s hold
I caress the skin I wear
Dressed up in painted flair

A shade as blue as starlight
Caught in faraway moonlight
And strung of unsaid phrases
A necklace that awes and dazes

Silky hems blaze like sunshine
Drawing stares from the divine
Hanging in layers upon my thighs
A honeyed stratospheric surprise

But waiting for your eyes to behold
This new outfit, lightly camisoled
Elicits an even closer desire
Than these painted faraway fires

Creating passion painted in subtle nudes
Our flirtations accenting our carnal moods
We become purified masterpieces of motion
Revitalizing our most inhibited emotion

Our mutual ardor grows ever higher
Singing its bewitching songs of desire
With artist’s hands molding shape to the shapeless
At last, my love is no longer faceless

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