21 thoughts on “Growing Apart”

  1. Don’t worry about it. Sometimes change is realizing no change at least. That is the beginning of change.

      1. Of course, there is all to like. Change is internal, otherwise it’s just physical. Change is the only permanent. We can’t change if others don’t change too, and adapt, and sometimes you invent a way to change to protect yourself from those who don’t. You don’t let people in close perhaps, in your realm, and that is your choice. You can do what you want really. Do what you think is right.

      2. Honestly, I’ve dealt with people who struggle with change and then take out their frustrations on their friends and loved ones by misdirecting themselves and talking about their faults. I refuse to adapt to someone who hurts others because they themselves are not changing fast enough and get jealous when those others make their own improvements.

      3. Whose talking about whose faults? The frustrated ones on the others? Or talking about their own faults? All I know is that in some people there is a fine cutting blade in their life and they are quite discerning, and maybe they’d like to let go of that blade to make more friends but they can’t, because they’ll get attacked and have to pick it up again. Some people don’t have too much to let go of.

      4. Frustrated one on others. I can understand that, but what type of person would turn a blade on their friend? I can’t make someone put down the knife, but I don’ t have to wait around to be stabbed. I don’t expect my friends to either and I apologize when I get that way.

      5. Well, look, some people don’t wait around things. The blade image has perhaps misled you. Sometimes you apologize and it doesn’t come to anything either. You can’t abase yourself continuously, you can’t wait eternally (or maybe so). If you’re that happy with your lot you can’t make concessions. You can stigmatize a person even more by rejecting them continuously, even though they go on apologizing.

      6. I don’t understand what you are saying. I never mentioned rejecting someone after an apology…I think we are on two different wavelengths here. Being understanding does not mean compromising who you are, even if some compromises can be reached, that I can agree with.

      7. We were talking about change. Some take risks and say things perhaps they should not. I don’t know. But you have to acknowledge some people are different, and some people don’t want to weigh situations forever and be stuck in a compromise. You go for what is best I guess, your priorities talk volumes more than your doubts.

      8. Talking cross ramparts never been easy. Guess we need a handkerchief code. Spose I know what you were talking about, upon reflection, but hey, good truce. It’s hard unsticking this stuff. We’ ll get there somehow.

  2. Ha ha, I love this! I’m sorry I haven’t been around much, but I’ve been incredibly busy. Can’t wait to read more of your recent posts – very soon.

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