To a Misanthrope

what does your heart carry?

not the sadness of others
nor their sweet words

closed to even joy
willingly overflowed
and spilt

I pray you are
your own spring
and that you are never


Author: redgladiola

Creative writer happily predisposed to flights of fancy. You can find my poetry and short prose at

16 thoughts on “To a Misanthrope”

  1. I fight misanthropy. I understand that it’s fear of feeling which leads me to certain thoughts. But I never hate humanity. Mostly thanks to people like you, unbiased in your love. I hope you have been well.

  2. It’s Your Duty

    The ten days
    of spring, over now,
    bring dust-rain volley, bow-tie
    dances under sad
    streets. This slow

    city offers chance
    encounters. Relationships
    in tearless land mean
    getting used
    to work-hard love,

    the kind that
    pays off in respect.
    Still, countless occupations
    Influence beating
    Hearts so shut,

    Into lead boxes
    that us spoiled visitors can’t
    find what we know to
    be human.
    some make the leap, some

    Force love on
    historical foundations,
    meaning they
    must connect with those
    who know the entire

    reasons why
    “hard work, no play love” adds up
    to good life.
    Vanquish excitement,
    find love in floor scrub.

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