One in a Million

There are three basic types of people who play the lottery:

Those who do, thinking they will win.
Those who do, knowing they will probably not win.
Those who don’t, knowing they will never win.

Who are you?

Author: redgladiola

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22 thoughts on “One in a Million”

  1. “Those that don’t play” is me! But, I enjoyed when my mom would buy us kids scratch off tickets–the hope in winning was exciting. We won an occasional $1 to $10 dollars, but all the times lost has made me one to keep my money in my pocket or put it to use with less odds against me! Maybe I should play for fun once in awhile, even though it goes against my very nature. 🙂

    1. I think we’re similar! I also don’t play but I like to buy them for other people and don’t really discourage it unless it’s a problem. My mom actually won some change on a birthday lottery ticket. =)

    1. I’ve heard that about lottery winners — having so much more than you’re used to suddenly makes it hard to manage. And thanks for the grammar note — that’s something I do very often, use “that” instead of “who.”

      1. Well, don’t we all. I could go on a rant about people who spend their welfare checks in the lottery line….and then use the Food Bank to get by. I know I’m not supposed to judge, but it makes me mad nonetheless.

  2. I’m the third – but it’s mainly from my upbringing in a church that considered gambling a sin because we should be relying on God for our needs. But now it’s because there are too many losers

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