Autumn on Summer’s Heels


purple asters arc

from oak trees
acorns hang heavy
and drop

on the last gust
of summer wind
the hummingbirds
and make haste


Author: redgladiola

Creative writer happily predisposed to flights of fancy. You can find my poetry and short prose at

25 thoughts on “Autumn on Summer’s Heels”

      1. Just had a pair of kooka’s laughing away this morning. They were swooping onto a termite nest on a tree limb, pecking at it with each swoop. Never seen that before. Peculiar because yesterday, the neighbours noticed the termite nest for the first time and came over worried about what to do about it ! I told him it had been there for 20 yrs. We decided to leave it undisturbed – don’t know what it would do, may be come into our house from the garden.

  1. I am another Aussie – spring here now, and while I love it, Autumn is my favourite season. All those lovely crunchy leaves and beautiful colours seem a reward for surviving summer!

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