One-Legged Stool

Chair in Woods

I’m so tired

If I complain
my frustration is met
with hostility

If I am wronged
I must not have been
understanding enough

If I suffer
I must have deserved it

In the end
I just want someone to say:
“I believe in you”
“You’ll overcome it all”
without taking faith away
when they feel like it


Author: redgladiola

Creative writer happily predisposed to flights of fancy. You can find my poetry and short prose at

38 thoughts on “One-Legged Stool”

      1. Hmm… I dont but grandma might. You see, I bought this house from an old man who was selling it since his wife passed away here. Strange things have happened and I half jokingly say its “grandma”. They’re the ones that actually left me those chairs. Come to think of it, it’s been awhile since she’s made an appearance. Maybe she’s the one that dragged it into those woods? Well you can keep her and her chair!

      1. We as an identity are a part, one of many divided parts. And as a part we could relate with our whole, a whole human being who projects, or creates and places our reality, our all – including our divisions, the fact that we can think and sense we are divided or not.

  1. Oh, that’s really good–love it. I’m compelled to say, don’t listen to the lies–when we’re frustrated, wronged, suffer–it’s not always about us, what we did/didn’t, do/say.

      1. I don’t know–I bounce back quicker sometimes than in the past, but not always, and not instantaneously. By the way, I love the photo too.

  2. That’s where community support comes in…can’t do without it. Friends are the best scaffolds until we can see properly and give ourselves the credit they all know we deserve and are due.

    1. But what happens during the times in our lives when we don’t have friends? After a move, for example. Or if your support network isn’t wide enough to properly share the burden?

      1. I’m lucky I know, each of the 15 moves or so that I have made I have had a church community to discover and who automatically welcome me, whether in Guyana, Jamaica, any town in the UK, for which I am so grateful. Yes there are times when even then I have felt very alone, especially after the death of a most supportive friend and at times I hung on like grim death to the fact I believed in God and so wasn’t alone. No it isn’t easy, love and prayers are my only answer in those cases, from a distance if it has to be.

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