I think the tourists believe I’m one of them, at Katz’s

The table next to mine
thinks me funny for squeezing
mustard on my plate.

That’s because I don’t like it.

But if I’m to have a proper pastrami sandwich
I might as well try a little bit on the side
with my shavings.

Nah, I still hate it.

I do know how to eat a sandwich.
And I do know I’m getting robbed
at New York prices.


Author: redgladiola

Creative writer happily predisposed to flights of fancy. You can find my poetry and short prose at https://redgladiola.wordpress.com

29 thoughts on “I think the tourists believe I’m one of them, at Katz’s”

  1. Charming and sooo humorous! What a clever concept! But if you don’t like mustard, you’ll positively HATE wasabi! Caution!


      1. That was a joke. Haha 🙂 I’d put mind on mine on a plate, so you’re not alone there. Maybe they thought you were British. Hahaha.

        (Humor is very hard to get across over a keyboard I’m noticing..)

  2. The only mustard I like is grey poupon and sometimes people look at me funny when I ask for it.
    Unfortunately, no matter what country you are eating out in you are being robbed! But as long as it taste good, we usually don’t mind. 🙂

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