Planning for Time

Along the path back
I met two hikers
a man and a woman
hand in hand
with two IVs dangling
from their free arms.

I spoke with them about the climb.
Satisfied, they turned to each other.

The woman, who called herself Loso
was impatient to reach the top
to see the sun rise.

I had not seen it myself
but it would take far longer —
more than the 15 minutes
she thought it took
to reach the peak.

The sky was already lightening.
Sunrise had come and gone
while we conversed;
now it was white.

Only I noticed.

I apologized for how long
I had kept them,
not feeling sorry for
the extra minutes that wouldn’t
have made a difference.

I was sorry that
it was too late —

They hurried off.

Writer’s Note: This was an actual dream I had two days ago.


Author: redgladiola

Creative writer happily predisposed to flights of fancy. You can find my poetry and short prose at

15 thoughts on “Planning for Time”

  1. Beautifully portrayed. ❤
    Was that the end of the dream? Just curious, as I never remember mine.

    1. Yes, that was the end! I don’t remember most of my dreams either unless they’re highly symbolic ones like these. Usually they make no sense whatsoever. ❤

  2. Felt gentle and kind somehow to me.
    Feel you saved them to live another day. If they had reached the top, saw the sunrise, they would have passed away. Weird, but that’s what your writing made me feel as I read it.

    THANKS for the ‘FOLLOW’!!! 😀

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