After the Pioneers

This conversation happened with my sister:
“Don’t you find it boring
to do something
everyone else has done?”

I think it sadder to deny yourself a pleasure
just because someone else has perhaps
imbibed the same absinthe

To scrutinize a footprint on the moon
finding it scornful boasting:
“I was here first!”

When instead, it greets me as a friend
arm embracing over shoulders
lips against my ear confidingly:
“It is possible.”

For are you truly free
when you stand
outside the fence

but never outside
the sight of it?


Author: redgladiola

Creative writer happily predisposed to flights of fancy. You can find my poetry and short prose at

19 thoughts on “After the Pioneers”

  1. always more room for a hand print in the dust of the moon.
    I love your thoughts. Thank so much for your visit.
    All we need is some tea to discuss the facets of life 🙂

    1. The fact that you say chat over tea and not coffee makes me like you already. Nice that we can discuss life here on wordpress if nowhere else. Thanks!

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