Vocabulary from the Met

mimesis – mimic, copy
fete – celebration (i.e. feted or celebrated beauty)
fleur-di-lis (French lilies) – stylized lily used as a decoration or symbol (i.e. on a coat of arms)
verisimilitude – lacking likelyhood/truth, only has the appearance of truth
physiognomy – face or countenance; appearance
primus inter pares – first among equals
doge – magistrate from ancient Italy
kouros – sculpture of a young man
caryatid – sculpture of a woman serving as a column
aquamanilia – from “aqua” (water) and “manus” (hand). Medieval ewer shaped as an animal or human. Usually used to wash hands in religious rites.
gorget – piece of armor worn around the neck.
rhyton – container (i.e. horn) used for libations (offering of food/drink to the gods)


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